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BE Swim Coaching is heavily involved in the success of two very high achieving swimming clubs. Both producing multiple Olympic and Commonwealth Games Medalists.


National Squad

HEAD COACH: Alberto Lantieri

Alberto is responsible for the overall Squad program at Palm Beach. Coaching the National Squad & assisting with other squads as required. Originally from a small town named Pordenone in Italy’s Northeast mountain region of Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Alberto Lantieri started swimming at 4 years of age. Competing for the Gymnasium Pordenone team, Alberto progressed to State and National level in Italy, his best events – the 100m and 200m Breaststroke. 

  • Bachelor of Sport Science – University of Udine, Italy    

  • ASCTA Advanced Coaching License 

  • ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach – Level 1

Coaching History

In 2006, Alberto turned his focus to coaching the junior squad at Gymnasium Pordenone. He started coaching fulltime as Head Coach of the Junior Squad, alongside his former mentor and coach, Andrea Deiuri. 

In 2013, Alberto decided to follow his dreams by moving to Australia to pursue his goal of coaching in Southeast Queensland – Australia’s hot spot for Olympic swimmers.  In September 2014, Alberto began coaching as Assistant Coach at the Yeronga Park Swimming Club in Brisbane, alongside Rick Van Der Zant. From September 2016 to May 2019 Alberto coached alongside former Australian Olympian, Robert Van Der Zant at Yeronga Park. Alberto has coached swimmers from development level through to State & National medalists, including Open water swimmers. In May 2019, Alberto relocated to the Gold Coast, began a mentorship under current BE Swimming Director Glenn Baker [Olympic Team Coach]

Coaching Philosophy


Alberto believes in developing stroke efficiency and refined skills from a young age. With a keen interest in biomechanics and a focus on stroke technique, Alberto endorses a training environment where athletes can develop a love for swimming. Alberto believes in open communication and honesty with his swimmers. He is motivated by seeing his athletes reach their goals. 

Squad Outcomes

National Squad - Competitive Swimming

Develop and mentor swimmers by building on fundamental skills and abilities in order to qualify and compete at the highest level in Australia. Seasonal plans are focussed on achieving results at QLD State Championships & the Australian Age & Open National Championships


National and International Squad – Pool Rescue

Advance the athlete’s swimming fitness and technical skills in order to compete at Australian National and International Pool Rescue competitions.

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squad timetable

National Squad (At school)

Cost is $100/fortnight (direct debit)






Recommended attendance: 12 years (5-6 sessions) / 13-14 years (6-7 sessions) / 15-16 years (7-8 sessions)

National Squad (Post school)

Cost is $100/fortnight (direct debit)



Recommended attendance: 8-9 sessions per week


State Squad

Coach: steve clark

Steve has over 30 years of coaching experience. He has had a long and distinguished coaching career. He has previously held positions as a Head Coach and Assistant coach at Miami Swimming Club. Steve has coached multiple Australian Age medallists, QLD Age and Open medallists and junior record holders. He has been a part of QLD and Australian Junior development camps & clinics.

squad outcomes

Sessions will focus on technical skill and are designed to develop and prepare swimmers for Qld State level meets and for swimmers to progress to National Age Level competition.  Sessions combine land based training to improve strength & power along with pool sessions.

Seasonal planning allows for optimal swimmer performances at School Regional / National Championships and the QLD State Short & Long Course Championships.

Squad Timetable

Cost is $90/fortnight (direct debit)

Recommended attendance: 12 years (5-6 sessions) / 13-14 years (6-7 sessions) / 15-16 years (7-8 sessions)

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junior squad

Coach: nina hurd

Born & raised on the Gold Coast, Nina’s love of swimming started when she was taught by Denis Cotterell as a young swimmer at the Miami Pool. Developing a deep interest in all aspects of swimming, coaching was a natural progression. At age 19 she combined her passion for swimming and travel and was a swimming teacher in Japan.  Residing in Europe and Italy for 15 years she gained Swim Coach Level 2 at Foro Italico Rome by the Federazione Italiana di Nuoto, Acqua Group Fitness Instructor, and Adult Masters at Eschilo.  

Coaching history

Moving home to Australia Nina has acquired her Bronze Coaching Licence at ASCTA and is enjoying coaching competitive Junior Development Squad levels, Surf Squads and Adult Fitness Squads. She is well known

Coaching Philosophy

Nina endeavors to provide a strong foundation for squad swimmers so each can achieve their full potential. With a comprehensive training program, consistency and team environment swimmers can connect and grow. These qualities, memories and friendships can be applied into other areas of life and carried throughout.

Squad outcomes

Junior Squad builds aerobic fitness, skill and technique in all strokes for junior competitive swimming.  Swimmers in this level are training to become confident competitive swimmers. While mastering all strokes and greater proficiency in advanced drills, turns, dives and getting ready to compete at a Regional level and School State Swimming level. The focus is to maintain lifelong skills in the water while enhancing all strokes, fitness, discipline and teamwork.

Squad Timetable

Cost is $85/fortnight (direct debit)

Recommended attendance: 3-5 sessions per week

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Mini squad

Coach: nina hurd

Mini Squad is a stepping stone into competitive swimming and lifelong skills in the water. The primary focus is to teach and refine all strokes, turns, dives and learn how to use the pace clock . there is a focus on developing aerobic fitness & strength in the water while enjoying training in a squad environment. This squad targets regionals meets and has opportunities to attend JX development camps.


Squad Timetable

Cost is $70/fortnight (direct debit)

Recommended attendance:3-5 sessions per week

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Surf squad

Coach: Mel

Catering for swimmers aiming to increase their aerobic endurance in freestyle for Surf Carnivals. Coach develops sessions specifically for those wishing to advance in Surf Life Saving. Sessions are based around the key surf carnivals of the season to allow swimmers to achieve their desired goals.


Squad Timetable

Cost is $12.50 per casual entry (up to 2 times per week)

$95 grants a 10 visit pass or $70/fortnight (direct debit)

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Nipper squad

Squad sessions focus on improving technique, with a focus towards Nipper Surf competitors.


Squad Timetable

Cost is $12.50 per casual entry (up to 2 times per week)

$95 grants a 10 visit pass or $70/fortnight (direct debit)

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Adult Squad

Offering training from beginners, through to the competitive masters or triathlete or for those who wish to maintain fitness & enjoy swimming in a positive squad environment.

Coach: Vicki


squad outcomes

Vicki is a fantastic Adult squad coach, with a large following on the southern end of the gold Coast. Coaching for over 20 years vicki enjoys being able to offer her Adults the chance to train & improve, while also having a laugh from time to time.

Squad Timetable

Cost is $12.50 per casual entry (up to 2 times per week)

$95 grants a 10 visit pass 

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