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Conveniently located within the Palm Beach community,

Currently closed, it is being redeveloped into a vibrant and contemporary destination for the southern Gold Coast. The revitalised aquatic and new community centre will service the community for the next 50 years.


 We hope to return & service the local swimming community with our Coaching once venue is completed

New facilities proposed within the masterplan include:

  • heated indoor learn to swim pool

  • indoor warm water program pool

  • 50-metre outdoor pool

  • 25-metre outdoor pool

  • new and improved fitness centre

  • water play

  • community centre, including multipurpose spaces and meeting rooms

  • centrally located café with indoor and outdoor seating options

  • new and improved crèche

  • integrated landscape with pool concourses, terraces, shade and lawns

  • basement car parking with lift access to the aquatic and community centre.

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