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We offer a comprehensive program throughout each of our venues, however please note that not all of our venues offer all levels, This is based on us catering for the specific needs of the community the venue is situated within.


  • Duration 60mins

  • Suggested attendance per week 3-4 sessions


Mini Squad is a stepping stone into competitive swimming and lifelong skills in the water. The primary focus is to teach and refine all strokes, turns, dives and learn how to use the pace clock . there is a focus on developing aerobic fitness & strength in the water while enjoying training in a squad environment. This squad targets regional meets and has opportunities to attend JX development camps.


  • Duration 90mins

  • Suggested attendance per week 4-6 sessions


Junior Squad builds aerobic fitness, skill and technique in all strokes for junior competitive swimming.  Swimmers in this level are training to become confident competitive swimmers. While mastering all strokes and greater proficiency in advanced drills, turns, dives and getting ready to compete at a Regional level and School State Swimming level. The focus is to maintain lifelong skills in the water while enhancing all strokes, fitness, discipline and teamwork.


  • Duration 120mins

  • Suggested attendance per week 6-7 sessions


Sessions will focus on technical skill and are designed to develop and prepare swimmers for Qld State level meets and for swimmers to progress to National Age Level competition.  Sessions combine land based training to improve strength & power along with pool sessions.

Seasonal planning allows for optimal swimmer performances at School Regional / National Championships and the QLD State Short & Long Course Championships.


  • Duration 120mins

  • Suggested attendance per week 7-9 sessions

Develop and mentor swimmers by building on fundamental skills and abilities in order to qualify and compete at the highest level in Australia. Seasonal plans are focused on achieving results at QLD State Championships & the Australian Age & Open National Championships. Sessions consist of land based & pool sessions.


  • Please see Head Coach for session attendance requirements


Open squad athletes are aspiring to make National Open finals & be selected on Australian representative teams. Entry into this squad is based on a meeting with the programs Head Coach. Athlete's commit to a periodic training regime that includes land based & pool sessions for peak performance at Australian Open Championship & International Meets.




  • Duration 60mins

Catering for all levels of fitness & goals. Our coaches offer sessions for those wishing to be social & gain fitness through to the more serious training for triathlons, ocean swim or Masters Competitions.

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